‘New’ button sometimes shows me posts that are SUPER old

This is puzzling me
I often use the ‘new’ button to look at content but it relatively frequently shows me content that is months old - and something things I have seen before -anyone know about this?

It is meant to show you Topics that you haven’t read, with the newest at the top. I think that means that old Topics appear in it and stay there until you read them.

But honestly I’m not too sure on it, and haven’t found it documented anywhere.

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One of the Discourse sites I use infrequently that has a very large and active community (lots of new post daily) is

On my visit to the site just now the first page shows

Clicking on New (29) takes me to https://community.neo4j.com/new which reveals a list of the 29 posts.

Top of list

Bottom of list

Now if I go to my following preferences page


Notice that a user can set the cutoff for what is considered new topics.

Back to the new list of 29.

If I click Dismiss New, the new button is displayed without any number as expected.

Going back to the home page https://community.neo4j.com/ now shows

without the New button.

In changing the setting for Consider topics new when to created in the last 2 weeks, this does not create a New list with post older than 2 days and younger than 2 weeks. So my take is that once all the new post are dismissed, the list is built anew as new post are created.

The only other thought I have that could be causing your issue would be that once you review the list of new post you are not clicking Dismiss New



Oh thanks so much for the thought and detailed analysis!
(Especially since I’ve never clicked dismiss :joy:)

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@EricGT is an invited international guest, with a deep interest in Discourse; he has given us some very helpful advice thusfar. Eric, would you mind dropping your photo in there? It is an expectation of all of our mentors on here.

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If you read all the new messages the dismiss button disappears and you can’t click it
I presume you wait for it to appear again the next time then dismiss?

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