Trial of Light vs Dark themed backgrounds for HFNZ - Light wins!

Do you prefer the light theme or the dark theme? Perhaps comment in reply your reasons.

You can choose either light or dark themes in your settings:

  • Light theme
  • Dark theme

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I think for ppl used to FB then the light theme is more comfortable/familiar


Personally like the black but that might be the old world goth in me. Happy to trial it and see what people think.


I think the people currently congregating on FB might find it more familiar

It took a while to get used to, but I like the black now - I find it easily identifiable when flicking tabs

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Black is a nice break for my eyes that have been looking at bright lights in medtech all week. Great information sources used here to. Thanks team.

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Light background theme, though it can be customised.

Reason : I wish to be able to view and use my keyboard after I turn off the lamp.

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@Nathan, what about a week trial of light theme for whole site? A notification to all users about the change, reference to this poll, and see what happens??

Yes, it is time to ‘close the loop’. I’m interested that GPs seem to prefer the light, while anaesthetists the dark - this fits with their stereotypes quite nicely!!

Ok - I’ve tidied up the icons and things sufficiently to give it a go. Let’s try it.

It took a little while to work out the technical side of it and the consequences. It should be okay now.

I’ve just started the trial now; we’ll assess the results on Monday am.

I love the banner at the top!!! Well done :wink:

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Wish there was a laughing face reaction to this GPS/anaesthetists post!!

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Ok - there is a clear (but not massive) majority for the Light theme. It will stay like this from now.

I’ve closed the poll.