PLEASE SIGN - NZ doctors support COVID vaccination


  • If you have been asked to comment on anti-vaccine videos, links and other misinformation by your friends and neighbours;
  • if you are concerned that the marginalised and vulnerable communities in NZ are being swayed by vaccination doubts;
  • if you are doubting NZ healthcare system’s capacity to look after endemic COVID, as well as everything else, then
    PLEASE support the initiative from the NZ Women in Medicine’s group in signing this open letter to the NZ public and share it among your colleagues:

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Kia ora koutou,

Sign the NZ doctors support COVID vaccination Open Letter via Survey Monkey

We are standing up for vaccination. Please click on the above link to sign this letter, written by the Doctors of Aotearoa New Zealand to the people of Aotearoa New Zealand in support of vaccination against COVID-19. You will need to provide your name, MCNZ number, qualification and specialty. That way we can verify each signature and ensure the legitimacy of the letter. Please also comment in the thread that you have signed, to keep this post on top of everyone’s feed.

There is an associated FAQ document that you can view from the Survey Monkey link if you wish to. The letter has been reviewed by public health physicians. The FAQs have been reviewed by public health physicians and IMAC. Both documents have gone through several layers of review and scrutiny.

We cannot thank ASMS enough for their support. We also have liaised with and are likely to receive the support of NZMA, the CMC, the chair of the CMO’s for Aotearoa New Zealand, the RDA and STONZ. We have been in direct contact with the Presidents of RNZCGP, NZCUC, ACEM, ANZCA and RACP - all of whom are behind this cause.

This is a group effort from the entire medical community of Aotearoa New Zealand to support vaccination against COVID-19. Please share the link with every doctor you know. Put it on your Facebook groups, forward it on Twitter, talk about it at work. We have this one opportunity to STAND UP, and we need to grab it.

Thank you all for everything you do every day for your patients. Kia kaha.


Vaccine hesitancy is an important issue which New Zealand has not become fully apparent yet, but will do so as our percentage of people vaccinated rises.

I was talking to a friend in the USA just today who was asking how New Zealand will deal with the plateau that has affected other countries who have been further ahead with their vaccinations.

Here’s an article from CNN outline the problems with this globally.


Yes, I wonder about this too and how the MOH will go about this. I don’t think force in mandating vaccination is the correct way forward - encouragement, yes. So, I’m guessing we might follow the European examples of social contract: e.g. proving vaccination status before attending a concert, etc.

Of course it may all become moot if the new variant takes hold and proves to be truly vaccine-resistant in all measures. One thing 2020 taught us is to take one step at a time: today vaccine clearly prevents bad COVID for the vast majority of people, as the infographic from NSW shows below, let’s work with that and see where we get to.


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This is in the mainstream media today:

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I’m also happy to advise that the Public Health Association of New Zealand endorsed the letter to the public upon my communications with the national office. The web page is: Thanks. Lifeng

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They aren’t the only ones. This is the collection of organisations that have endorsed it:


Also, check these out:


It’s gone out to all NZ Dental Association members nationwide too @NathanK. Was distributed via newsletter to dentists last week. We couldn’t sign but are in support. The FAQ page is very helpful.