Creatively combating misinformation online

Misinformation in the COVID-19 era is something that I find quite galling - particularly when it concerns vaccination and measures to mitigate the pandemic.

Well, I stumbled across this site recently when doing a deeper dive into our local COVID misinformation scene, and it really made me smile. Here is the text of their main page (reproduced with permission):


Welcome, to NZDSOS.

We, the people of New Zealand, are tired.

We’re tired of the guy at the bus stop explaining how a video on Youtube shows the that vaccines are a government conspiracy, apparently to kill off their tax payers.

We’re tired of that Aunt at the family gathering who insists she can cure cancer with essential oils, and that the “science” behind it is proven.

We’re tired of being told our family members who kill themselves at their hard, thankless work in hospitals, pharmacies, medical centers, emergency services, and such is just cogs in the machinery of a vast conspiracy to continue the pain of suffering humanity in order to line to pockets of “Big Pharma”.

We’re tired of listening to the endless rhetoric of people who “do their own research”, yet have never conducted a scientific study, had a paper peer reviewed and in most cases haven’t even completed any formal study.

We’re tired of the few fringe medical professionals seeking “whistleblower” status when they speak on topics they aren’t qualified to speak on and express opinions as fact, then hide away when the consequences of their actions come calling.

We, the people of New Zealand, Defend the Solidity of Science.

Yup, they have taken a web domain close to the acronym of a notorious source of COVID misinformation (see this Stuff article about them) and dropped in a big healthy dose of reality. Bravo!!!


Nice post Nathan. I’m a silent follower on this site I’m afraid, following the threads, but I appreciate the forum and the science! Keep it up, and thank you.