Welcome to Health Forum NZ

The bespoke independent network securely connecting up NZ’s health professionals. It is designed to facilitate complex private discussions within single disciplines, while also enabling rich multidisciplinary collaboration.

Our dedicated COVID-19 Response sub-forum is the focus of much of our discussion at present, but this is anticipated to shift towards private individual discipline (e.g. Critical Care) and single profession (e.g. Psychiatrists) dialogue.

Health Forum NZ has been deployed rapidly by a small team of volunteer clinical informaticians and their IT professional friends. It is built on an adaptable open source discussion platform (Discourse) securely hosted in New Zealand, carries no advertising, and is well suited to the complexity of managing in-depth conversations involving large numbers of New Zealand’s health professionals.

Health Forum NZ was recently featured in New Zealand Doctor.

Please join us, and share Health Forum NZ with your professional network.

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